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HTML & Body Tags

First We'll See how to start an HTML Document.

First we need the <HTML></HTML> tags. These tags tell the browser that it will be displaying an HTML Document. (Webpage) Whenever you build a webpage, you must begin & end every page with the <HTML></HTML> tags.

Now we will cover the <BODY></BODY> tags. The Body tags come after the <HEAD></HEAD> tags, which come after the HTML tags. The Body tags contain & surround all the page info your viewers will actually see, (page layout, design etc.) whereas the head tags contain all the unseen info, like your page title & metatags. (more on that later)

Between the <BODY></BODY> goes your page layout, design & content. Within the opening body tag you can control your color scheme. To find out more about this, go to the Body-Backgrounds Tutorial & the Text & Link  Colors Tutorial.

Now, within the <HEAD></HEAD> tags we have the <TITLE></TITLE> tags.

Here's an example:

My 1st attempt at a webpage!</TITLE>
Metatags go here. (This will be covered in another tutorial)

Layout/Design & Content here.

I hope you find this helpful.