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Here's how to make links!

For starters, we need the <A></A> tags. This is where all your link info goes, URL, etc. Ok, let's focus on the <A HREF=""></A> tag. Your URL & text info will go within this tag.

First let's focus on the HREF attribute.

Here's an example of how the tag will look: <A HREF="">

HREF lets you know that, what follows is an URL & that you're going to link to it. Now say you want your link to read, My Site!

Well, here's how we do it. Note the </A> tag that occurs at the end? This makes it so your link will read the way you want. Here's an example: <A HREF="">My Site!</A>

Here's how it actually looks: My Site!

Hope this sheds some light on how to make links.

In the next few minutes, I will show you how to do more with links!

Now we'll go over the target attribute. This attribute has many good uses. (In use with frames, for example) You can use this attribute to open a new browser window, or to break your site out of Frames. First, I'll show how to open a new window for your link: <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">My Site!</A> This opens a new window when you click on the link.

Here's how it works: My Site!

Now for a frame breaking link. Here's an example: <A HREF="" TARGET="_top">My Site!</A> This opens the new page "on top" of the old page, thereby breaking the page out of any Frames. Cool, Huh!